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At Carers That Drive, we pride ourselves on the level of care and support we provide for our clients. We’d love to hear from you – please click here.

Here are just some of the testimonials from our clients and their families.

What our clients say about us

Carers That Drive is a wonderfully caring organisation.  It is well run, efficient, flexible but most of all, they understand the needs of people with special needs and provide an appropriate service.  I am so pleased to have found them and cannot praise them highly enough.

Today I was at the Doctor and I saw a very old gentleman struggling to get out of a taxi and get himself into the surgery.  I could not help but think that he needed to be looked after by ‘Carers That Drive’ who would have brought him right to the surgery as their service is door to door.

After many years of using other transport services – some with disastrous results – and spending years driving my daughter to and from her activities, I have finally found an organisation that has given me some respite.   I no longer worry about Camilla getting to and from her activities.  Camilla sings along the way with her drivers and has developed a relationship with them, which is indicative of their caring and gentle natures. 

I highly recommend Carers That Drive for all those who want to be safe and happy while traveling.

Marjory B

My family and I have been using the services of Carers that Drive (for over two years). Given my wife and I are in wheelchairs, and our daughter has mobility issues, we have come to rely on Carers that Drive to do most of our driving, including school/university trips, medical appointments and general getting out and about.

Their service is exceptional, never letting us down and being flexible with timings of hospitals appointments which is so important as they are so uncertain. We have help from the car/wheelchair accessible van to appointments, looked after from a drink/food perspective etc.  We simply could not cope without them and would certainty have a lower quality of life.

They are so, so much more than a taxi/driver service; empathic, very attuned to our needs which just takes one of the many stresses in our day away, all for a reasonable cost.

Their service just goes to show what can be achieved with the right customer focus, quality of staff all passionate about those in need and speaks volumes to the owner’s vision and abilities, they clearly are special individuals.  I just wish I found them sooner.

Kevin, Ruth and Phoebe

We first heard about Carers that Drive from a friend who has used the services of Suzie and her team of drivers.

As the parents of a young man with disability, it is a relief to know that he is supported right up until that moment when he is accompanied to our front door.  There were times in the past when we had used a taxi service and our son was dropped off at the gate and the driver had taken off without waiting for someone to meet him there. Unfortunately, this placed our son in danger on more than one occasion.

We are much more at ease knowing that his drivers now really do care and support him. They have placed his safety front and foremost when transporting him to and from his workplace.

Our son is always happy to see Ali, Fiona and all the lovely, friendly people who are now a vital part of his support team.  Without them, our son would not be able to get to his workplace and lead a good fulfilling life.

Steve and Tina


Just wanted to thank you and Geoff for yesterday.  I really appreciated the quick turnaround in finding him and Geoff is just wonderful – it is an absolute pleasure to ride with him.  I don’t know where Suzie finds gems like him, Fiona and yourself around, but it’s just a lovely experience.



All is going really well. Rosie is really confident with her travel with you up to, and back, from the Gym. She is really getting into her fitness and has now taking up some boxing!!!



The service was exceptional! Thank you very much.



Many thanks for arranging my transport after my day surgery from Bondi Junction to Maroubra with a lovely lady. The ease with the booking was above all expectations. I await your invoice via email and I shall attend to it immediately.




I wanted to let you know that the participant with the cat in Ashfield was really happy with her carer Fiona.

This was a super great match and she is very happy to book Fi in the future for support if she needs.  Fiona was HIGHLY recommended by the participant and wanted me to let you know.

Erica (service provider)


I have been using Carers That Drive to help me and my baby to various appointments and social engagements.  I have been extremely happy with the service they provide.

I have found everyone I have dealt with to be reliable, courteous and professional. Suzie has been particularly helpful and understanding of the flexibility required when planning trips with a young infant and she has done everything imaginable to make the experience as stress free as possible.

As I am unable to drive due to extremely poor eyesight the discovery of Carers That Drive has been fantastic – allowing me and my little boy the freedom to travel to destinations with efficiency and safety.



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